torsdag 20 januari 2011

Swedens best bicycle politician back in Lund

Yesterday the Swedish bicycle association, Svensk Cykling, awarded the politician that best have emphasized the positive effects of biking during the last year. The winner was Karin Svensson Smith from the green party. During most of 20010 Karin have been active on a national level as a member of parliament. Now she is back as a local politician in Lund and have great plans for us two wheelers. She anounced at the price cermony that she is about to put in a suggestion for a "bicycle highway" between Malmö and Lund to make things easier for bicycle commuters. In Malmö, Swedens second best bicycle politician, Karolina Skog, also from the green party, share her ideas. Lets hope this "highway" becomes real real soon. There is a strong need to do something about the existing bicycle path between the city's and upgrading from a path to a highway is the way to go.

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