måndag 28 februari 2011

Puerto Alegre Critical Mass Massacre

This absolutely crazy incident in Puerto Alegre Brazil is among the worse seen. However this is quite the way the car once became the hegemonic mode of transport in western countries. "stay of the road or get killed" was what happened in Europe and North America when rich people started driving cars back in the days. The same thing is happening still today in developing countries.

The risk of getting killed by a car is 10 times higher in Africa than in Europe. As there are at least 10 more cars per person in Europe than in Africa this would mean that the risk that an African car kills someone is 100 times higher than a car in Europe killing some one. (this is not Swedish road safety figures we are comparing with but average EU statistics)

Having that dangerous machines running free is only possible if the accessibility of the, rich and powerful, car driver is valued higher than the lives of the poor and powerless.

Fortunately the lives of the public is, now days, highly valued in the developed world. Still however, the accessibility of non car drivers are being sacrificed for the sake of the car drivers accessibility.

I apologize for the commercials in the start of the video. Aftonbladet is getting payed not Malmö Lund Cycle Chic.

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