tisdag 29 mars 2011

Bike Kitchen Malmö - Video

On Thursday the 31 of March, what is belived to be Swedens first bike kitchen, will open at Stapelbädden in Malmö. We meet up with Ola and Bertil, the founders of bike kitchen, to get to know more. Bike kitchen or Cyckelköket in Swedish will be a place where you take your bike and fix it yourself using the tools that will be available as well as guidance from the Bike kitchen crew. There will also be a plentiful supply of abandoned bikes that can be used for spare parts or even as foundation for a brand new bike. All in all a very good idea!

Malmö Lund Cycle Chic will be showing pictures at the opening party for Stapelbädden and Cykelköket. There will be a report on this house worming party later on.

2 kommentarer:

  1. is the 'kitchen' is working?
    what's the cost of a bike?

  2. Bike kitchen is open but it is not a store. You can come and use their tools, material and advice and build your own bike. Even better if you bring some junk to start with. It is free and there is only a cost if you use new material.