torsdag 31 mars 2011

Biking in Stockholm is finally prioritized

In today's DN there are two articles on biking in Stockholm. Biking in Sweden's capital city have been much debated the last years as the numbers of bikers have increased by 80% in 10 years. During this time the improvements in bicycle infrastructure have been minimal. Now as Dn reports there is a new plan to prioritize biking and making cycle possibilities more equal to those of cars and buses. Biklanes will be widened and better connected.
In the same paper there is also an article which headline indicate that the Stockholm air quality is to bad to be biking in. The article says that your life could be shortened by a week on average by biking an hour a day in this air. On the other hand the article also says that at the same time the excersise you would get from that hours biking would at the same time prolong your expected life time with a considerably longer period of time.

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