fredag 6 maj 2011

Malmö and Lund; Swedens best Cycle Citys

In a report from the Swedish bicycle association 17 Swedish kommuns are evaluated on how bicycle friendly they are. Standing out as better than all the other kommuns are Malmö and Lund. The evaluation was done with Kommuns that chose to participate which makes you guess that the report includes more of the Kommuns with high ambitions for biking rather than the ones with low or no ambitions. Last year Malmö Kommun came in second in the same survey after Varberg while Lunds Kommun did not participate. Here is the concluding graph of the results of this years report:

Well done! It is not stange that Malmö and Lund also tops the statistics for cities were most trips are done by bike in Sweden, 43% of all trips in Lund and 30% of all trips in Malmö. Download the full report from the Swedish Bicycle organization here.

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