tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Trends in car traffic

Over a long period of time car traffic in Sweden have just increased. Few years like the oil crises 1974 and 1981 or in the crisis in the 1990s there have been single years of negative growth of car traffic.

However in both 2009 and 2010 private car traffic have been lower than the previous year. This is the first time ever with negative growth two years in a row! In Malmö and Lund the figures follow the national development closely only that changes seem to be smaller in Lund and larger in Malmö compared to national trends. For 2011 however car traffic seem to be growing again. For the first 9 months there seems to be a growth of car traffic of 1.3% at national level.

(*2001 based on monthly flow values)

The decreases in average car kilometers per person does not really mean less motorized traffic in Malmö and Lund as any of these decreases is more that well overrun by increases in population and workplaces. Also commercial traffic is excluded. There will be more on car traffic on MLCC in the future as there is an article on traffic and peak oil to come that have quite a different angle than you might be used to.


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