onsdag 4 maj 2011

Cargo bikes in public work no.2

Lunds Kommun, the municipality of Lund own a lot of tenant houses in Lund through their housing company LKF. When attending these houses and the green areas around them the caretakers need to move themselves and a lot of tools around the areas. What better way could there be than with a cargo bike? Here is a guy attending green areas at Magistratsvägen.


And here is a close up on the bike. Note the specially mounted tubes to carry long tools such as rakes. There is also a mailbox mounted to the back of the saddle. I'm not sure if this is for tenants to leave notes for the caretaker or if it is to carry smaller tools.


LKF have been receiving an environmental award for their introduction of cargo bikes in maintain and there is currently 18 cargo bikes used by LKF in different housing areas around town.

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