fredag 30 september 2011

Kent Ek; is he the guy that can increase the level of biking in Sweden?

Kent Ek is assigned by the National Goverment to investigate how to increase biking in Sweden. However he will soon be transferred to a post in the EU parliament. He is not even sure if that will work out himself.

In this article in DN he talks a bit about how what he thinks is most important to get more people in the saddle. He especially points out increased safety as the most important improvement. In my mind there are three important areas to work on.

- Increased accessibility, it must be easy and fast to reach your destination.

- Safety, When it comes to getting more people to bike it is not the actual safety but the experienced safety that is important.

- Image of biking. It is cool to go by bike!

Anyway there was a national bicycle plan in the year 2000. It pointed out a ten year strategy on how to increase biking in Sweden by 2010. As almost nothing in the plan was implemented the result was that biking decreased instead. Investigations and planns are just not enough.

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