måndag 3 oktober 2011

Where the kids lose their bike

Almost all kids in Sweden own their own bike. Somewhere in their teens however something happens. Bike ownership falls remarkably in the ages 16-19. Figures are in % and simular for boys and girls.

How come one cant help wonder.
Statistics from SCB (http://www.scb.se/Pages/TableAndChart____282476.aspx)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Big aspect is probably that scooters have higher status than bikes, thus the drop in cycle owners around the age they are legally allowed to ride them.

  2. you can't make it in the back of a bike, can you

  3. I don't know about Sweden, but I would imagine the trend is similar also here, in Estonia. Though here would one of the reasons also be that when one is 10-15 years old, the bicycle is something that your parents buy you for sure. But when you get older and grow, you need a new bike and at least when I was 16, my parents told me "need a new bike? get a job and buy one." Well..one kinda has other things that might seem more important and one doesn't want to work hard so early in life and...so it goes. And yeah, driver license is coming up to be an issue then, also.