tisdag 28 december 2010

Three girls on a snowy street

It is not easy to bike on a snowy cobblestone street such as basically all streets in the Lund city center. A good thing is that you can just walk your bike until conditions improve.


lördag 25 december 2010

Red Military bike

I think this is one of the original Swedish army bikes painted red but it could also be an old Kronan copy. The copys by Kronan just just dont tend do get very old. Cool dude on a cool bike anyway.


onsdag 22 december 2010

måndag 20 december 2010


Picture from Gustav Adolfs Torg were "musikhjälpen" a charity and radioshow is sending live from the square 24/7. Lots of people Gathering for a good cause. A good thing with a bike is that it fits very well even in a crowded environment. Just as long as you do as the gentleman in the photo and walk your bike through a crowd everything is going smooth. To contribute to "musikhjälpen" and fight exploitation of children please go to their homepage.

tisdag 14 december 2010

måndag 13 december 2010

söndag 12 december 2010

San Francisco

A few pics from my trip to San Francisco in November. The US is a car country but there are places with some hope left. San Francisco is one of those citys with a growing bicycle movement. Here is the Bart Station 16th Mission Street, a real example for Europe when it comes to inter modal transport hubs. The stairs are decorated with old bicycle gears:


Of course you can bring your bike on the subway:

Or leave it on the indoor bike parking lott:

But best of all is to use it on the streets:




I cant resist to publish a photo of one of the beautifully restored old trams that San Francisco are not famous for. Cable cars are fun but these are even better.

fredag 10 december 2010

Relly snowy weather

There was some seriously snowy weather in Lund the other day.


Here are some examples of suitable clothing for such weather:



onsdag 8 december 2010

No bad wether for biking

Here are some more pictures from a snowy Lund.





tisdag 7 december 2010