söndag 19 juni 2011

A vegetative bike culture

A vegetative bike culture!
We prefer flowers rather than dark cars these nice summer days.

He's ok?

Are you ok?

Saturdays on the square

Square trading

Square trading on saturdays at 3 o clock is great, yalla yalla! People load their, sometimes pretty small, bikes with kilos of oranges, bananas, tomatoes, parsnips, potatoes....

onsdag 15 juni 2011

To sexy to bike in New York

According to this article 31 year old dutch girl Jasmijn Rijcken was stopped by a New York police officer claiming she was a disturbance to traffic biking in a short dress and boots. Someone should stop this police officer for being ridiculous. You sometimes see things making you cry out for a fashion police force. That however is kidding, this is for real, or is it? There is some doubt in the article.

Grandma's here!

Grandma's here!

tisdag 14 juni 2011

How do you pump your bike?

Outside the bike shop
It's great when bike shops have pumps just outside the store. This man is though using his own mini pump. Which might even be better; to always bring your own 20 centimeters pump.

Stylish mum


måndag 13 juni 2011

Stockolm - Taking after Malmö and Lund

Stockholm are now planning to take after Malmö and Lund in their broad efforts to promote biking according to DN. The efforts will include upgrading of the bicycle infrastructure but also "Bike Boxes" that make room for bicycles by red lights in front of the cars. There is even lobbying going on to change national laws so that bikers will be allowed to turn right at red lights and go against traffic on one-way streets according to this article in Dn and this article in Aftonbladet. Just shows that things have to happen in Stockholm before national policy can change. Biking in Stockholm is up 200% (!) in the last five years. Although the levels are still low the potential is for sure high when infrastructure now is being put in place.

onsdag 1 juni 2011

Some nice single speed

A guy on a very nice Bianchi fixie/single speed.
Nice single speed/fixie

Parking a fixie/single speed by a statue
Parking a single speed/fixie by a statue