tisdag 31 maj 2011

Time to go home!

monday afternoon #1
monday afternoon #2
monday afternoon #3

New Blogger At Malmö Lund Cycle Chic

We are very happy to announce that Kristina Hammar has started publishing at Malmö Lund Cycle Chic. Welcome!
As Kristina lives in Malmö and is a daily cyclist there she will make the blog more Malmö-ish!

And there is still room for more contributers to the blog! If you would like to be part of the team please contact us at malmo.lund.cyclechic@gmail.com or ad your best Malmö Lund Cycle Chic photos to the Malmö Lund Cycle Chic Flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/1726804@N22/

They all go by bike

they all go by bike

... and they have different styles, different thoughts, different expressions, destinations and different ways to start biking again after red light.

Turn right


fredag 27 maj 2011

Bike airbag company gets investment of 3 000 000 €

We have written before about the blow up bicycle helmet from Hövding on Malmö Lund Cycle Chic. Today DN reports that the innovation gets investments of 3 million € from Swedish state owned fund Industrifonden.

The helmet will be in Swedish shops by autumn.

torsdag 26 maj 2011

onsdag 25 maj 2011

Biking in a very long skirt

Opening the lock...


Getting some speed...


And of she goes!


Sunshine girl

Sunshine girl

tisdag 24 maj 2011

måndag 23 maj 2011

onsdag 18 maj 2011

Stop for fresh fruit

A stop to buy some fruits and vegetables in the small store at Lilla Södergatan. I love this city view, photo might have been sharper though.

Stop for fresh fruit

tisdag 17 maj 2011

måndag 16 maj 2011

onsdag 11 maj 2011

Improvments in Intermodal transport knots

Or to keep it simple, more bicycle parking by buss stops. Lunds kommun have looked thrue the needs of bycycle stands on all buss stops in the kommun. The buss stop Höjdpunkten by the SonyEricsson headquarters is one of those that is in great need of new bike stands.


And here you go! Plenty of new bike stands.


tisdag 10 maj 2011

Malmö Lund Cycle Chic In the News

Today there is an article on Malmö Lnd Cycle Chic in Skånska Dagbladet. Check it out.

Blowing in the wind


måndag 9 maj 2011

söndag 8 maj 2011

fredag 6 maj 2011

Malmö and Lund; Swedens best Cycle Citys

In a report from the Swedish bicycle association 17 Swedish kommuns are evaluated on how bicycle friendly they are. Standing out as better than all the other kommuns are Malmö and Lund. The evaluation was done with Kommuns that chose to participate which makes you guess that the report includes more of the Kommuns with high ambitions for biking rather than the ones with low or no ambitions. Last year Malmö Kommun came in second in the same survey after Varberg while Lunds Kommun did not participate. Here is the concluding graph of the results of this years report:

Well done! It is not stange that Malmö and Lund also tops the statistics for cities were most trips are done by bike in Sweden, 43% of all trips in Lund and 30% of all trips in Malmö. Download the full report from the Swedish Bicycle organization here.

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Cargo bikes in public work no.2

Lunds Kommun, the municipality of Lund own a lot of tenant houses in Lund through their housing company LKF. When attending these houses and the green areas around them the caretakers need to move themselves and a lot of tools around the areas. What better way could there be than with a cargo bike? Here is a guy attending green areas at Magistratsvägen.


And here is a close up on the bike. Note the specially mounted tubes to carry long tools such as rakes. There is also a mailbox mounted to the back of the saddle. I'm not sure if this is for tenants to leave notes for the caretaker or if it is to carry smaller tools.


LKF have been receiving an environmental award for their introduction of cargo bikes in maintain and there is currently 18 cargo bikes used by LKF in different housing areas around town.

tisdag 3 maj 2011

Cargo bikes in public work no.1

Here is the kindergarten Fågel Blå on a road trip. This Kindergarten is using two Christiania bikes to take the kids on excursions around town. Each cargo bike can take up to 6 little ones which is actually a lot more than a normal car. The Christiania bikes are so far only used by Fågel Blå in Lund but in Malmö several kindergartens use the bikes on a daily basis. The bikes give the kindergarten much needed freedom to go outside the restricted and crowded preschool environment and instead the kids get to excperience the citys parks, close nature and cultural sites.


You can read more about Fågel Blå and their cargo bikes in this Sydsvenskan article. In the article you can also see a picture of the potable toilet they allwys bring on their trips.


Stay put for the "Cargobikes in public work no.2" update tomorrow.